The International Street Arts Festival Mostar – SAFMO – will soon reveal its 11th edition, in which many renowned graffiti and mural artists will participate. The festival will transpire between the 15th of August and the 10th of September, with the 3rd of September being the official opening day, when all of the participants from the region, country, and world will arrive in Mostar.

“We announce this year’s festival with the prefix “Re” which summarises the vision and mission to re-create, re-generate and re-zone”

Murals will be painted in attractive locations, and graffiti will be spray-painted across the north part of the town. Further, the festival will present interesting interventions and host various engaging programs for all generations. 

“This summer, we are entering a new jubilee displaying our progress in organisation and production, which manifests beyond painting murals with diverse forms of contemporary art. Last year, we began with a multimedia performance, while this year’s festival opening will be commemorated with temporary installations in public spaces.”

Steet as a scene

Festival activities start in the middle of the month with the arrival of Mark Jenkins. Mark is one of the esteemed contemporary artists from the US that uses the street as a scene in which sculptures communicate with their surroundings, including bystanders as unintentional actors. 

The festival will continue during September, when the streets of the city over the river Neretva will become a scene for artists including Alex Senna (Brazil), Millo (Italy), Kartel (Germany), HNRX ( Austria), Bifido (Italy), as well as graffiti artists Pallo (Finland), I am Laia (Spain), Das Drogen, Resto, Fuso, Brada Piros , Endo & Chenipe (Serbia), and local support. 

The accompanying OFF program will combine local young graffiti artists, rappers, producers, artists, and acclaimed musicians. We will host musicians, including Nipplepeople , Indigo, DJ Woo-D, Jah Forcefield, and DJ Lubna, along with numerous other creatives and musicians as part of our events and workshops in Rezon community space. 

This year’s sponsors of SAFMO include embassies in BiH, including the USA, Brazil, Germany, and Spain, as well as the Foundation Kvinna till Kvinna, Austrian Cultural Forum, Open Society Foundation, the City of Mostar.Media support is Dnevni list and Bljesak info. Festival activities will be realised with support of Telemach Foundation which is a friend of the festival organisation Rezon.