Here’s a brief overview of the extraordinary line-up of artists and the exciting locations where their works will come to life at this year’s Street Arts Festival in Mostar:



One of the most prominent figures in contemporary art, a pioneer of urban movement, comes to Mostar. We are happy to have artists like Lady Aiko whose voice and signature are present around the globe. As a famous Brooklyn-based artist, her insights and contributions are bound to add a unique and creative perspective to the whole event. She will work on art interventions on the streets of Mostar and be a guest speaker at the Artist Talk panel with Marth Cooper. Lady Aiko’s creative journey has been filled with remarkable achievements. Her artistic talent and unique style are sure to make the “bunny” stencil a cherished piece among art enthusiasts and fans of her work.


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This year’s production will be magnified with installation by a super-talented street artist from Poland with whom we had a unique connection.

Lace patterns are her signature style for dealing with positive emotions, and at times uses her work to comment on social and political issues she considers crucial. NeSpoon’s work is a symbol of the connection between people and cultures. She will create an installation in the surroundings of the Old Library on Mostar’s promenade. Her works decorate walls around the world and bring unusual subtlety to urban spaces.

We are thrilled to host her again in Mostar!


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An artist from Brazil, known for her noticeable gigantic figures that undoubtedly attract the attention of passers-by, will paint a wall on Zagrebačka Street.

Looking forward to hosting inspiring artists whose art is inclusive, sensual, and body positive. She creates poetry through her art, always focusing on feminity.

An artist from Brazil, known for her noticeable gigantic figures that undoubtedly attract the attention of passers-by, will paint a wall on Zagrebačka Street.


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For more than a decade has been covering divisive messages and offensive writings with colorful murals depicting all sorts of foods. His weapon against hate speech and far-right propaganda are art, culture, and irony. He started using his murals after one of his colleagues was killed by a group of neo-fascists; his art typically depicts Italian cuisine, i.e. motifs from the kitchen with which he covers messages of hate.  Cibo definitely will bring a spark of joy to the walls of Mostar.




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Klub 7 is an art collective from Berlin, and for this occasion, we will host Ingo & Mike and their friend artist Fraz. These will be experimental, impressive collaborations already known for their characteristic geometric-colored work. Artists will beautify ruined buildings wounded in the war on Šantićeva Street. Franz Rentsch was born in Lübben (Germany) and lives and works in Halle (Germany) as an independent freelance artist. Together with Ingo Albrecht-Hauser, he created in an experimental collaboration several large-scale collages which were presented in public space in Halle (Germany).


More about the Artist: franz_rentsch



The couple and artistic duo from Serbia, with a very noticeable style that is full of complex details, often deal with themes and characters from their own and world cultures. Their task of presenting the artistic vision of the great Aleksa Šantić will certainly be challenging and very interesting for the audience.


More about the Artist: ateljesoln



One of the first female street artists in our country -MoveRama, with a very specific style, inspired by the mystical elements of nature, created a recognizable aesthetics through which she emphasizes female strength and beauty,  will participate in this year’s In BIH, where there is certainly a recognizable street art scene, female authorship is even more valuable, due to the fact that we always support women’s role in graffiti and murals exceptionally.


More about the Artist: moverama_art