The Story of us

The Story of Us 


In the city of Mostar, where a bridge stands as a monument to coexistence between diverse perspectives, we strive to create a space where artists can express to heal the divide and open the doors to new positive stories. Our progressive community started its efforts in 2012 to rejuvenate the city of Mostar with a new urban identity. We were inspired by the need for regeneration brought forth by the long history of division. Our desire to influence through street art moved us to build a culture of joint action. Through all the years so far, the Street Arts Festival Mostar has managed to build a network, community and scene, as well as the credibility and reputation of one of the largest open-air galleries in the regional context.




Street Arts Festival revitalises abandoned spaces and ruins into art, giving a fresh visual identity to the city. In our decade-long activity, we’ve hosted some of the most talented and recognised world-class street artists. 

The Street Arts Festival is welcomed by the citizens of Mostar, which is evident by the offering of their own houses and buildings to serve as the artist’s canvas.

For ten days each year, we become a co-creative machine where all who participate share moments of true artistry while bystanders are supported in uncovering their own creative skills and talents through various workshops. In the context of the specific case of the city of Mostar, through eleven years of operation, we managed to fight for space in the problem of artistic expression and cultural issues, but ultimately communication solution, which certainly contributes to the healing process of the community.